Florida Sod Growers Promote Water Conservation Solutions

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LAWNS MAKE OUR WORLD GREENER Community Outreach Launches Statewide
LABELLE, FL (February 9, 2009) — The Florida Sod Growers Cooperative is launching “LAWNS MAKE OUR WORLD GREENER,” a statewide outreach initiative focused on sharing water conservation strategies and educating homeowners and businesses on the benefits of a healthy lawn.
“As one of the state’s leading green industries, we’re proud to share what our growers have always known – that responsibly maintained turf areas are good for the environment and good for people,” said Paul Grose, president of the Florida Sod Growers Cooperative and general manager of King Ranch’s Florida division.

It has never been more important to ensure that communities enjoying green spaces learn to care for them wisely. As Floridians look for ways to be better stewards of the planet’s natural resources, the Florida Sod Growers Cooperative is meeting the challenge to provide potential long-term solutions.

As part of Lawns Make Our World Greener, the organization has published a 6-page brochure highlighting the well-documented environmental benefits that grass provides, including cooling the environment, reducing carbon in the atmosphere, controlling erosion and stormwater runoff, and purifying water that passes through its root zone. It also reinforces another critical message – that by maintaining and using their irrigation systems responsibly, homeowners can actually have healthier, better-looking lawns and conserve water.

“Consumers play a critical role in managing the state’s natural resources, but they may not realize how simple it can be. As experts in growing and selecting grass, we can help,” said Betsy McGill, executive director of the Florida Sod Growers Cooperative.

There are simple tips on how to avoid over-watering; strategies for lawn care that include a 3-step irrigation system check-up; and information from recent studies documenting the savings in water use – and utility bills – by households using new soil-moisture sensors with their irrigation systems.

“Responsible use of water, regardless of which plant and turf varieties residents choose for their landscapes, is a contribution that everyone can make to a sustainable Florida,” McGill added.

Brochures are available at member farms throughout the state. They also can be requested at www.floridasodgrowers.com or by calling the Florida Sod Growers Cooperative office at (863) 675-2144.

A new Web site will be launched during the second phase of the outreach campaign, targeted for late February.


About the Florida Sod Growers Cooperative

Founded in 1989, the Florida Sod Growers Cooperative represents 130 business and farm members throughout the state producing over 90,000 acres of quality sod for a variety of home, commercial and sport turf needs.

The Florida Sod Growers Cooperative is dedicated to the preservation of Florida’s natural resources through sustainable and economically viable farming practices and the promotion of beautiful, practical landscapes. For more information about the benefits of turf grass and the Lawns Make Our World Green program, contact the Florida Sod Growers Cooperative at 863-675-2144 or visit us at www.floridalawn.com.