More FL Agriculture Follow Up From Wednesday Night Freeze

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Andrew Meadows, Dir of Communications, FL Citrus MutualFlorida Farm Bureau Dir of Ag Policy, Frankie Hall More news about the big chill mid-week as citrus growers continue to assess damage throughout the state’s citrus belt. We are getting many reports of surprise the temperatures got as low as they did for as long as they did, particularly as far south as freezing temperatures dipped, but it will still be several days before more accurate citrus damage assesments can be made. In the first report below, click to hear comments from Florida Farm Bureau Director of Ag Policy Frankie Hall (photo left), and Florida Citrus Mutual Director of Communications Andrew Meadows (photo right). The second report is a synopsis of information about the winter vegetable situation, including information from the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association news release we posted earlier today.