FL Legislature Works to Cut State Budget in All Areas

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida, Sugar

We spent some time in Tallahassee this week to catch up on the budget cutting process underway in this special session, and what may be expected in terms of further cuts later, in the general session scheduled to get underway in early March. Sen Charlie DeanIn this series of reports, we speak with three different lawmakers about agriculture and related issues as they look for a four percent cut now, and what many say could be much larger cuts later this spring. The first three reports below feature Florida Senator Charlie Dean (top right), Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Sen Carey BakerThese next two features include comments from Senator Carey Baker (left) from Eustis, Chairman of the Senate Committee on General Government Appropriations. Among other duties, Baker also is a member of the Agriculture Committee.

Rep Ralph Poppell
The final two reports in this post feature Representative Ralph Poppell (bottom right), who has a long history as a citrus grower in Florida’s Indian River production region. Poppell chairs the Natural Resources Appropriations Committee in the Florida House of Representatives.