SW Florida Newspaper Wows Growers with Citrus Features

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

Our hats are off to any mainstream news outlet in Florida that takes time to report on one of the state’s most important industries, that of agriculture, once in a while. As a daily agriculture news Gary Cooper, Southeast AgNetreporter and farm broadcaster in Florida for 30 years now, it has always amazed me that more major news outlets don’t invest a little time and effort to cover this major industry more regularly for readers and listeners in this fourth most populous state. But once in a while when they do, we are glad to recognize their efforts, as I do in this post and short radio commentary herein. If you want to read the entire 26-part series that ran in December in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, you can do so on-line by clicking here. And you can hear my radio commentary by clicking the icon below.