Cotton Campus

Randall Weiseman Cotton

In an effort to give teachers and students a place to learn about cotton, Cotton Incorporated has launched a new Web site. The site,, prides itself on educating the world about one of its most important resources.

Cotton Campus is a fun-filled educational Web site that is great for children. The site also provides teachers and parents with a wealth of educational resources and information about cotton and the U.S. cotton industry. The site is host to interactive games and activities that are fun and informative. Visitors to the site can take the Cotton IQ Quiz, play the Cotton Matching Game or the T-Shirt Color Sorting Game. For the younger audience, there is a downloadable Cotton Coloring Book, which follows cottons path from seed to fashion. Cotton Campus also has an interactive time line that shows the history of cotton in the United States, as well as a narrated slideshow that shows the many uses of cotton in our lives. Another facet of the Web site is its Cotton the Earth Friendly Fiber section. This part of the site includes a clip from the Cotton Focus on Sustainability DVD and a list of answers for frequently asked questions. Perhaps, the most valuable resources on the site, are the downloadable and printable lesson plans for teachers. Lesson plans include activities that teach the role of cotton in history through writing and research projects, developing math skills through constructing and solving equations from cotton word problems, and enhancing the students ability to use the scientific method by conducting experiments that compare cotton to other natural and man-made fibers. Please feel free to check out the Web site yourself, and also please pass this information along to both the teachers and the students in your life.