“Citrus HLB” Researcher Speaks to AgNet on Progress & Process

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida, International

Tom Turpin, Technology Innovation Group, Austin, TXIt can be difficult sometimes to get some scientists to speak to media, even ag media like us who communicate to growers directly. However, Florida growers are putting up millions of dollars for a lot of HLB research and we do what we can to talk to these folks in order that growers and industry can better stay informed about what is going on. A key player to the overall HLB research program is Tom Turpin of Texas-based Technology Innovation Group. He’s under contract with the Florida Citrus Production Research Advisory Council, also known as the “Box Tax Council”, to help guide and advise overall HLB research as part of the National Academy of Sciences connection. Click to play the two reports below and hear Tom explain some critical elements in research planning in order to assure growers get proper return on their investment.
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