Thrips Resistance Action

Randall Weiseman Florida, Nursery Crops, Specialty Crops, Vegetables

Dow AgroSciences has voluntarily suspended the sale and use of multiple spinosyn insecticides in Broward County and a portion of Palm Beach County. The action was taken in response to evidence that western flower thrips have developed resistance to a product with the active ingredient spinosad.

Products affected by this suspension are CONSERVE® SC turf and ornamental insect control, DELEGATE™ WG insecticide, ENTRUST® NATURALYTE® insect control, RADIANT™ SC insecticide and SpinTor® NATURALYTE insect control.

Dow AgroSciences is working with the University of Florida and the Florida Department of Agriculture to develop an educational program to help growers learn more about proper product rotation and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

More information is available on-line at and at a new site from the University of Florida IFAS.