New Citrus Varieties Trials About to Begin in FL Groves

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

NVDMC's Peter ChairesIn this last official “FDOC FRIDAY” program featuring Florida Dept of Citrus News, according to Peter Chaires of the New Varieties Development and Management Corporation (NVDMC), things are quickly progressing now toward field trials soon to begin in Florida groves. Growers will be able to participate in trying out some of the new varieties in the field trials in hopes of finding new kinds of citrus fruit to grow commercially in Florida into the future. Learn more about the NVDMC, funded by the Florida Department of Citrus, in previous reports featuring Peter Chaires on this website.
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We have enjoyed dedicating the airtime and producing these features for the Department each and every Friday for these past ten years. A whole decade, that’s a lot of broadcasts. Certainly we will continue to check in with FDOC news as appropriate from time to time, and we wish FDOC the best in its new grower communications efforts to include regular columns in Citrus Industry Magazine. Hear more about it in the reports posted herein above.