Cautions Regarding Citrus Grower Trials

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

We at Southeast AgNet are doing all we can to facilitate information flow among growers and researchers. Gary Cooper, Southeast AgNetAs most in citrus are very aware, times are tough and growers are hoping research will lead to better management controls or solutions for citrus greening and canker diseases….
We will keep doing what we do – interviewing the players and bringing you their comments, Dr Jim Graham,  UF/CREC like these pointed comments from Dr Jim Graham (photo left) in the first report posted herein. There are, however, limits on what we can report. We must avoid the potential liability of putting out inaccurate information, or of announcing potential breakthroughs prematurely.
While growers want desperately to hear about certain experiments being discussed on the coffee shop circuit, we must maintain the journalistic integrity that got us here. We hope growers understand and appreciate our efforts, and in this spirit I’ll share a proverbial saying from our side of the industry…”don’t shoot the messenger…” Thanks to all for your listenership and readership. Sincerely, Gary Cooper, President, Southeast AgNet, Inc. Listen To wmaReport (1:15 mp3) Listen To wmaReport (1:05 mp3)