Florida Labor Seminars

Randall Weiseman Florida

The U.S Department of Labor and the Florida D.B.P.R. will hold three seminars the first week of December concerning the H-2A visa program, housing and transportation safety, and worker documentation as it relates to farm labor law enforcement. These meetings will be on Monday, December 3rd at Nora Mayo Hall in Winter Haven, Tuesday, December 4th, in Palmetto at Manatee Convention Center, and Wednesday, December 5th, in Lorida at the Lorida Civic Center at 1909 Blessings Avenue. All the meetings start promptly at 5:30 PM and will include field investigators from the D.B.P.R. and U.S. DOL . At this time there are no registration requirements – so plan to attend and get all your farm labor contracting law questions answered!