USDA-APHIS Changes “Greening” Quarantine Zone

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

“Steps Taken to Control Citrus Problem”

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has issued a federal order expanding the citrus greening quarantine zone in Florida. At the same time, the service significantly increased the number of states and territories quarantined due to the presence of the Asian citrus psyllid. The ACP is a serious citrus pest, as well as the main vector of citrus greening. The quarantine zone now included the entire state of Florida, along with Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and 32 counties in Texas. Previously only portions of Florida were quarantined due to the presence of the ACP.

Although the ACP has been detected in these areas, citrus greening has not been outside of Florida. Officials say citrus greening does not pose a risk to people, but the bacterial disease causes fruit from infected trees to become unmarketable and can also cause tree death. Once infected, there is no cure for a tree with citrus greening.

Further study is being conducted to determine if restricted nursery stock can be moved interstate.