“Greening” Research Brings Texas Citrus Visitors to Florida

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

Ray Prewett, Pres, Texas Citrus MutualA small group of growers and citrus researchers from Texas is visiting the Sunshine State this week, on a mission to learn more about the status of citrus “greening” in Florida. Paul Heller, Rio Queen Citrus, Mission, TXThey also want to learn how best to handle it if and/or when it arrives in Texas citrus groves. In the first of these two reports, comments from Texas Citrus Mutual President Ray Pruitt (photo left). In the second report, Paul Heller of Rio Queen Citrus in Mission, Tx (photo right) offers insight on how Texas growers feel about having citrus psyllid pests in their midst, but not yet ‘greening.’ Listen To wma Report (2:00 mp3) Listen To wma Report (2:00 mp3)