Greening on the River Among Many Citrus Stories This Week

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

Indian River County is now on the “greening” list. Click here for a link to one news story Bob Behrabout it. Also, more talk is brewing about the ‘free rider’ issue and a more targeted marketing approach to better benefit Florida growers who are alone in funding the marketing efforts. In the second report, Citrus Commissioner Bob Behr, formerly with the FDOC and now with Florida’s Natural, says a new economic benefit study is needed since many market fundamentals have changed over the past three years. The third report below has more of Behr’s unedited comments about the “free rider” issue and pointed questions he says Florida growers and the Commission need to be considering.
Listen To wma Report (2:00 mp3)
Listen To wma Report (2:00 mp3)
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