FL Growers/Packers Plead Case with USDA Brass re New Shipping Regs

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

Dan Richey (l) Riverfront Groves, Vero Beach & USDA Under Secretary Bruce Knight In the meeting early this week with U S D A Undersecretary Bruce Knight in Winter Garden FL, Florida’s fresh fruit leaders explained the timely importance of getting new fresh shipping rules in place as soon as possible for next season, since growers will soon have to decide which fruit is to grow for fresh and which blocks will be left for processing. Knight says he came to Florida to have the discussions first-hand, as he works toward making decisions on how the new rules will be structured. Knight also acknowledges, whatever is done could have global ramifications. Hear comments from Knight and Riverfront Groves’ Dan Richey in this report. Listen To wma Report (2:00 wma)