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While we will not do a special posting like this for each reply we recieve to Grower Trials, I am sharing this to show you what it looks like when a reply comment is recieved. The questions below were received today in reply to Grower Trials Report # 2, which was posted to this site a couple days ago. Now, this morning, by scrolling down and clicking on the title of that report you will see this reply information now included with that specific report. So as you utilize this site you may want to check the previous posts from time to time to see any new reply information that may have appeared since your last visit to that report.

We will be numbering the Grower Trials Reports in numerical order for each report that is posted, and we will also be storing other appropriate reports and information to this section as well. So, for this example, if you scroll down through these different previous postings to find the one with Grower Trials # 2, that was posted on October 30, and then click on its title, this reply note from Jerry Newlin will then appear in response to the information sent in by John Gose in Grower Trials Report # 2 a couple days ago…

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Jerry Newlin Says:
November 2nd, 2006 at 7:50 am e
John, I appreciate your comments.
Couple of questions;
1. How old is the Vernia block your referring to ?
2. What is your program on the rest of the grove, where you have canker and where you don’t have canker ?

Thanks, Jerry