How Growers Can Share Canker and Greening Mgmt ‘Trials’

Gary Cooper Citrus

If you are a citrus grower and want to share your experiences with canker and greening management trials with other citrus growers through this website, all you need to do is follow a few simple instructions on how to e-mail us your input.
1– Send your testimonial in an e-mail, or attached to an e-mail in a ‘word document’ format to
2– In the subject line of the e-mail, also include the words “grower trials”.
3- Include your name, your grove or business name, address and phone number with each submission, for verification or clarification purposes if necessary. Contact information will be withheld upon request, but author’s name and city will appear with each message or testimonial published.
The “Grower Trials” section of this website has become operational at the request of the Florida Citrus Production Managers Association and the regional citrus grower associations of Florida. It is easy to participate and we hope growers will help us to help them by sharing the information they are learning with their own experiences in the field.