New Website Presents Canker & Greening ‘Grower Trials’

Gary Cooper Citrus, International

Florida citrus growers and production managers have been seeking a way to directly share field trial experiences with other growers in hopes of learning more first hand knowledge more quickly from each other in canker and greening control efforts. In this report, Peace River Valley Citrus Growers Association Executive Director Barbara Carlton (pictured at right) and Florida Citrus Production Managers leader Jerry Newlin, who is also VP of Citrus Production for Orange-Co in Arcadia, say the effort is materializing at Southeast AgNet, where a new website function will facilitate Listen To wmaReport (2:00 wma)sharing of field trials and two-way idea exchanges among growers. To view the first posts to this site, simply click on the ‘grower trials’ section in the ‘citrus’ category on the right side of this page.