Gulf Coast Citrus Growers Association Banquet

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Gulf Citrus Growers Association Banquet There were a number of dignitaries at the Gulf Citrus Growers Association Banquet last night. This annual banquet draws quite a crowd.

Gary Cooper was on hand to record comments from several of the speakers and I’m posting them for you to listen to here.

First we have keynote speaker, South Florida Congressman Mark Foley: Listen To WMA Mark Foley Interview (4 min WMA)

Next, Gary spoke with Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, Charles Bronson. Bronson speaks about the status of citrus canker and grower compensation: Listen To WMA Charles Bronson Interview (4 min WMA)

Finally, Gary interviewed Congressman Adam Putnam. Adam talks about the farm labor situation and the status of grower compensation for citrus canker eradication: Listen To WMA Adam Putnam Interview (4 min WMA)