Berner Oil is a Beast Feast Sponsor

Chuck Citrus Expo News

Berner OilOne of our key sponsors here at Citrus Expo is Berner Oil.

Here’s Berner Oil, President Carl Berner, flanked by his sons. Carl is one of the sponsors of the Beast Feast Lunch which is going on right now. More on that later.

I interviewed Carl about Berner Oil. This is the first time the company has exhibited at Citrus Expo. Carl says he wanted an opportunity to interact with the people involved in citrus production since his company has been built to support Florida agriculture from the start.

Carl says his company is looking into new energy alternatives like ethanol and biodiesel and works hard at staying on the cutting edge with technology and the needs of his customers. You can hear my interview with him here: Listen To MP3 Carl Berner Interview (3 min MP3)