Cooking Up a Beast Feast

Chuck Citrus Expo News

Citrus Expo Beast Feast PreparationWe’ll have some more pictures of tomorrow’s Beast Feast here at Citrus Expo but the preparations are underway now.

Here’s part of the catering crew, including Denise Sullivan (far right) getting things ready. On the left they’re making elk meat balls. The feast will include fried alligator and swamp cabbage.

Mmmm. Mmmm.

I interviewed Denise who is the wife of Buddy Sullivan, Buddy’s Kuntry Katering. She says they brought in a swamp cabbage chef from Kissimmee who makes the best in the state and they had to ship in the elk from Texas. You can hear my interview with Denise here: Listen To MP3 Denise Sullivan Interview (3 min MP3)