Canada Lifts All BSE Restrictions on U.S. Cattle Imports

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NCBA Statement: Canada Lifts All BSE Restrictions on U.S. Cattle Imports

Washington, D.C. (June 29, 2006) – The following statement was issued by Mike John, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) president and Missouri cattle producer, in response to today’s announcement from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regarding U.S. cattle imports:

“Effective immediately, U.S. cattle producers have re-established the ability to export cattle into Canada, including those for breeding purposes born after 1999. In addition, beef from cattle over 30 months of age will also be eligible for export to Canada under certain conditions.

“This action by the Canadian government is based on sound, established science.  NCBA and our affiliates have been working toward this goal for more than two years now, ever since the first domestic BSE case was found on December 23, 2003. This border re-opening is reflective of the most recent international standards for BSE of the World Organization for Animal Health.

“This welcome announcement from Canada comes after some long and difficult trade negotiations between our two nations.  We are extremely pleased that this hard work has paid off, and we can further expand export market opportunities for U.S. cattle producers. Full access to Canadian buyers is especially important to many of our cattlemen who produce feeder cattle and breeding stock. We have also been looking forward to regaining full access to this market for U.S. beef.

“Along with today’s announcement, NCBA strongly supports a recent proposal by the CFIA to lift bluetongue restrictions for all classes of U.S. cattle exported to western Canada.  We are looking forward to similar, science-based decisions from CFIA regarding anaplasmosis restrictions in the near future.”

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