Meat Companies Accused of Artificially Inflating Pork Prices

Jim Rogers Industry News Release

A class action lawsuit is accusing Hormel, Tyson Foods, and other meatpacking companies of artificially raising the price of hot dogs, bacon, and other pork products with the help of a company called Agri Stats, an info-sharing service. A Bloomberg report says the complaint was filed by a group of meat buyers in a Minnesota court on Thursday. The complaint …


Tyson: Higher Freight Costs Will Push Up Consumer Prices

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

Tyson said the rising cost of freight is starting to put pressure on all of its businesses. That means consumers will eventually feel that pressure in the form of higher prices for all its products. The company says the tight trucking market will add more than $200 million to its cost structure this year. Chief Executive Tom Hayes says, “Freight …