Study: Trump Tariffs to Cost an Estimated 24,000 Agriculture Jobs

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A study by the Trade Partnership estimates that the Trump administration’s steel and aluminum tariffs will cost 495,000 jobs in the United States. That figure is up from a previous estimate of 179,000 jobs. Specific to agriculture, the report estimates that tariffs will cost 24,000 jobs. The job losses, according to the study, would impact the services, manufacturing and agricultural …


Trump Unveils Steel and Aluminum Tariff Plan

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President Donald Trump Thursday unveiled his plan to impose 25 percent tariffs on steel imports and ten percent on aluminum. The plan includes provisional exceptions for Canada and Mexico. However, the tariffs could trigger a trade war between the U.S. and the European Union and China, among others. Despite a large pushback by U.S. industry and trading partners, Trump is …


Trump Considering Trade Protection Measures Against China

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The Trump administration is mulling trade protections against Chinese investments in the United States and a broad range of tariffs. The consideration is seen as a punishment by the administration to Beijing for its alleged theft of intellectual property. An announcement by the U.S. Trade Representative’s office investigation into China’s intellectual property practices is expected in the coming weeks, setting …


AEM’s Slater: Trump Tariffs Won’t Help U.S. Manufacturers ‘Win’ Again

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AEM worked to discourage President Trump from imposing heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum imports after the president said he intended to do just that this week. AEM is assessing the impact of Trump’s announcement last week that he would impose 25 percent import tariffs on steel and 10 percent import tariffs on aluminum. “President Trump shouldn’t undercut his own …

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Trump Will Impose New Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum

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After hosting what the White House initially called a “listening” session, President Donald Trump took American investors by surprise Thursday. Trump announced to the group attending the meeting that he will be imposing the long-rumored steel and aluminum tariffs next week. A Zero Hedge Dot Com article says the president will impose a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and …


Trump Says Re-entering TPP is “possible”

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A Bloomberg report says President Trump would consider rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership if the U.S. could negotiate more favorable terms. Trump made the announcement during a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last Friday. “TPP was a very bad deal for the United States,” said Trump. “There’s a possibility we could be going back in if offered …


Farm Groups Ask President Trump to Support Renewable Fuels Standard

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A group of six leaders from farm and commodity organizations, including American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall, signed a letter to President Donald Trump regarding their support for the Renewable Fuels Standard. The letter is below for your reading. February 26, 2018 The President The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20500 Dear Mr. President: While millions of …


Trump Says U.S. Open to TPP, If Better Deal Negotiated

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President Donald Trump has left the door open to rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership through comments in a recent speech. However, the now TPP 11 countries may not be as welcoming, forging ahead to sign an agreement in March. Addressing the World Economic Forum in Switzerland last week, Trump said of the TPP nations, the U.S. would consider negotiating with them …


Trump See’s Ag Benefits of NAFTA, Still Threatening Withdraw

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President Donald Trump said again this week he “may” terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), saying such a move would yield the “best deal” in renegotiations. The president says many people “are going to be unhappy,” if he terminates the agreement, but counters that they “don’t realize how good it would be” if he did. But, just last …