farmland values

Farmland Values Stable, but Risks to Outlook Remain

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

Farmland values in the Federal Reserve’s Tenth District held steady in the fourth quarter of 2018 despite risks to ongoing stability, according to the Kansas City Fed’s quarterly Agricultural Credit Survey. While demand for farmland remained relatively strong across the district, weaknesses in the crop sector continued to dampen the overall agricultural economy. The report says that risks to the …

farm income

Farm Income Down 20-Straight Quarters

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

The Midwest and the Mid-South parts of the country saw farm income decline in the fourth quarter of 2018. In spite of the pressure on farm incomes, the value of quality farmland, ranchland, and pastureland rose. Those observations come from the latest Agricultural Finance Monitor, which is published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The 22 agricultural banks …

farm bill

USDA to Gauge Financial Well-Being of Farmers and Ranchers

Dan Economy, Industry News Release, USDA-NASS

Beginning in late December, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will spend several months gathering information about farm economics and production practices from farmers and ranchers across Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, as the agency conducts the third and final phase of the 2018 Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS). “ARMS is the only survey that …

farmland acres

70 Percent of Farmland to Change Hands in Next 20 Years

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

Farmers National Company says 70 percent of farmland will transfer ownership over the next 20 years. The transfers will occur by sale, will, trust beneficiary or gifts, according to the company. For farm and ranch operations, land is by far the most significant asset in this transfer of wealth. Over the next five years, ten percent of the 911 million …


Agri View: Farm Income Declined…Again

Dan Agri View, Economy

Everett Griner talks about this, the 4th consecutive year, farm income has declined in today’s Agri View. Farm Income Declined…Again The average farm income is expected to decline again this year. According to USDA, this is the fourth consecutive decline. One source put the loss at 16 thousand dollars per family. It doesn’t matter if it is soybeans or cattle. …


Agri View: Mixed Commodity Prices

Dan Agri View, Economy

Everett Griner talks about seasonal changes having an impact on commodity prices in today’s Agri View. Mixed Commodity Prices You know, it’s not just the tariff situation that has an impact on agriculture and the farm economy. There is farm credit. Some high-up officials, that deal with the problem every day, are inclined to believe that high interest rates and …


Farm Futures Survey: Farmer Support for Trump Slipping

Dan Economy, Industry News Release, Trade

A poll by Farm Futures shows support to Donald Trump from farmers is slipping. The survey found that 60 percent of farmers would vote for the president if the election were held today. That’s down from the 75 percent support level Trump received from growers in the 2016 election. Meanwhile, 24 percent said they would not vote for reelection and …


Poll Shows Voters Narrowly Support Aid for Farmers

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

A poll by Morning Consult and Politico shows nearly six in ten voters favor President Trump’s $12 billion plan to provide aid to farmers suffering from his trade policy. Nearly 2,000 registered voters were surveyed, and 57 percent either somewhat or strongly support the farmer aid package that was announced a week ago. Support came primarily from Republicans, with nearly …