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Peanut Milk Sampled at Various Events

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The National Peanut Board has been working closely with Elmhurst to launch the first-ever peanut milk. Various promotions have been held, along with sampling of the new milked peanuts at industry events. From the American Peanut Council meeting in December to the recent Georgia Peanut Farm Show and Alabama-Florida Peanut Trade Show. NPB President and CEO, Bob Parker, told Southeast …

national peanut board

FY-18 Plans Head Agenda for National Peanut Board Quarterly Meeting

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The National Peanut Board has scheduled its quarterly Board and committee meetings for December 5-6 at the Washington Marriott at Metro Center, 775 12th Street NW, Washington, D. C. “In 2018, we will continue making peanuts relevant to millennials to move toward our goal of becoming America’s undisputed favorite nut,” said Bob Parker, National Peanut Board’s president, and CEO. “And, with …