Waning El Nino Not Delivering Normal El Nino Rain Patterns

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida, General, Weather

Bart Hagemeyer with the National Weather Service office in Melbourne FL, speaking with citrus growers at a seminar in Ft Pierce last week, says the El Nino that came on so quickly last year has not produced rainfall patterns that are typically expected from an El Nino pattern. In this report he discusses rainfall and hurricane expectations as a result …

SE Climate Consortium Has Info For Growers

Randall Weiseman General, Weather

Being aware of how seasonal weather patterns might affect specific commodities can help growers make better decisions from year to year and the Southeast Climate Consortium helps growers in this part of the country do just that. Report (1:30 wma)

Wet Fall Expected

Randall Weiseman General, Weather

Tyron Spearman has a quick note about the type of weather conditions being forecast for this fall.  Report (:12 wma)