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House Farm Bill Markup Delayed

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Disagreements among the House Agriculture Committee members regarding the nutrition title are stalling movement on the farm bill. Committee Chairman Mike Conaway of Texas says there will not be a farm bill markup next week, citing the committee’s progress in “negotiating to a yes” from both Republicans and Democrats. Conaway and House Democrats are in conflict over the way the …

farm bill markup

Peterson: House Ag Plans Farm Bill Mark-up Soon

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Ranking House Agriculture Committee Democrat Collin Peterson says the committee plans to mark up the farm bill on March 20th, but a revolt over food stamp provisions could stop the bill from moving forward. The Hagstrom Report says Peterson and Committee Chairman Mike Conaway had “hit an impasse” regarding the nutrition title, and a spokesperson for Conaway could not confirm …

farm bill markup

Roberts: Senate Farm Bill Work Scheduled Next Month

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Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Pat Roberts hopes to begin Senate farm bill work next month. This week, Roberts said that he wants to mark up the bill in April, adding that his staff and the staff of the committee’s ranking Democrat, Debbie Stabenow, have begun work on the bill. The key to the bill, Roberts told the Hagstrom Report, is …

farm bill markup

No New Funds for a Farm Bill

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The House Agriculture Committee has released information concerning efforts to craft a farm bill, revealing closed door plans to roll out a new bill. Committee Chair, Mike Conaway, led the panel’s approval of its annual Budget Views and Estimates Letter to the House Budget Committee. And he says there are no new funds for a farm bill. No New Funds …

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Looking Forward to a New Farm Bill

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The keynote speaker at the recent Annual Winter Conference of the National Peanut Buying Points Association was Congressman Rick Crawford of Arkansas.  He serves on the House Ag Committee and is Subcommittee Chairman of General Farm Commodities and Risk Management as well as a member of the Nutrition Subcommittee. Tyron Spearman talked with Rep. Crawford about work being done on …


NCBA Dealing with Various Issues

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The beef industry knows the importance of trade with other countries, but that is only one of the top issues for them this year. According to National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Colin Woodall, there are other issues of importance. That includes the Farm Bill. NCBA Dealing with Various Issues

The Importance of Research Dollars in the Next Farm Bill

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The new farm bill is still being negotiated and worked out. There are some kinks to it, which is why its completion is taking longer than expected. However, one thing that most people can agree on is the importance of including research funding in the new farm bill. Hurricanes asides, research has greatly impacted the Florida citrus industry industry after …