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Peanut Contract Deadlines Nearing

There is a deadline coming up concerning peanut contracts. Tyron Spearman has the details.

new peanut southeast

New Destination Coming for Southeast Peanuts

It’s been announced a new facility will be built that will give southeast peanut growers a new destination for their crop. Tyron Spearman has the details.

Ag in Review for the Week Ending March 24, 2017

In our recap of agricultural news from around the Southeast for the week ending March 24th, we hear from USDA’s Chief Veterinarian concerning avian influenza, talk about the confirmation hearing for Sonny Perdue, the nominee for Agriculture Secretary, the New World screwworm, optimistic farmers,

Capital Area Food Bank Receives Peanut Butter Donation

The U.S. peanut industry donated more than 30,000 jars of peanut butter to Capital Area Food Bank in Washington, D.C. on National Ag Day, March 21, 2017. The Capital Area Food Bank is the largest organization in the Washington metro area working to solve hunger and its companion problems: chronic undernutrition, heart disease, and obesity. The donation was made possible …

Little known Peanut Facts

Everett Griner talks about little known facts about peanuts in today’s Agri View.

Peanut Proud Festival is Saturday

The annual Peanut Proud Festival will take place Saturday. March 25 in Blakely, Georgia. Tyron Spearman has details about the big event, along with an update of distributions made by the humanitarian arm of the peanut nation.

Peanut Butter Company Experimenting with New Products

A marketing manager for JIF, recently told members of the American Peanut Council that young shoppers are willing to experiment, and they look to grocery stores to provide new and exciting food twists to impress family & friends. And as Tyron Spearman reports, JIF is giving shoppers new pairings and combinations that will drive new usage and encourage consumption outside …

Higher U.S. Peanut Exports

Despite earlier thoughts we would see lower numbers for U.S. peanut exports, Tyron Spearman reports the latest numbers are actually higher.

Southeast Facility Expanding in Peanut Oil Market

Tyron Spearman has information about a Southeast company who has announced they are expanding into the peanut oil market.

Ag in Review for the Week Ending March 17, 2017

In our recap of agricultural news from around the Southeast for the week ending March 17th, we have an update concerning avian influenza, when damage assessments to certain crops might be available after this week’s freeze event, cabbage, weather damage to pecan trees,