Agri View: Agriculture Feeling the Pain

Dan Agri View, Exports/Imports, Pork, Trade

Everett Griner talks about agriculture feeling the pain from the trade war in today’s Agri View. Agriculture Feeling the Pain The trade war situation keeps heating up. It isn’t just China. Mexico and Canada are becoming involved. It’s not just agriculture. But so far, agriculture seems to be in the most danger. Mexico imports more U.S. pork than China. Listen …


Agri View: What is Your Favorite Vegetable?

Dan Agri View, Vegetables

What is your favorite vegetable? Everett Griner talks about the preferred vegetable in the United States in today’s Agri View. Everett also ponders a question about potatoes? What is Your Favorite Vegetable? Vegetables are good for you. Some people eat nothing else. Most everybody has a vegetable they prefer. What would you guess is the most preferred vegetable in the …

florida georgia water war

Agri View: Florida – Georgia Water War Goes On

Dan Agri View, Florida, Georgia, Water

Everett Griner talks about the continuing water war between Florida and Georgia in today’s Agri View. Everett tells us some of the history of the water battle between the states, and why. Florida – Georgia Water War Goes On Many thought the longest water fight in the country would end. The Supreme Court threw the battle back to Georgia and …


Agri View: Blueberries – An Expanding Crop

Dan Agri View, Fruits, Georgia

Everett Griner talks about why production of blueberries is expanding in today’s Agri View. Blueberries – An Expanding Crop Blueberries are not a major crop, but one that is growing in importance wherever it is grown. Georgia has become one of those states. A short time ago, the crop had only a few people interested. Time has made a big …