Canada Will Look Into Alleged Brazil Orange Juice Flow-Through

Randall Citrus, Florida, General, Specialty Crops

From the News Service of Florida:

Canadian officials have agreed to look into allegations that Brazilian orange juice is being brought into the United States through Canada in an effort avoid tariffs. U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida had asked Canada’s ambassador to the United Sates, Gary Doer, to investigate the allegation.

Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, there’s no duty on produce coming into the United States through Canada. Lakeland-based Citrus Mutual had alleged the Brazilians were using Canada to avoid the tariff last year in a complaint with U.S. customs officials.

The chief executive of the Brazilian processors trade group, CitrusBR, denied the allegation last year in a story by The Ledger of Lakeland. “Brazilian orange juice exporters do not use its exportations to Canada as a way to avoid paying US federal tariff,” the official, Christian Lohbauer, told The Ledger.

“Some of those Canadian clients do export orange juice to the U.S.A., but already packed, as a final product. It is not something over the control or intended by the Brazilian industries.

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