USDA Citrus Crop Forecast 12 Noon Jan. 11th

Dan Citrus, Florida, General

The time for the monthly Citrus Crop forecast is changing effective this month. USDA will release the monthly numbers starting at 12 noon on January 11th. Southeast AgNet will carry this event “LIVE” here on the web.

CLICK HERE for the audio stream for our upcoming “LIVE” webcast coverage of the release of USDA’s monthly Citrus Crop Forecast program to begin at about 12:00 noon Friday January 11, 2013. The USDA crop forecast will be released during our website broadcast.

ATTENTION LISTENERS: Please be aware this LIVE AUDIO CONFERENCE is sometimes a few moments late to start, and there is no background music in preview. So when you tune in at the scheduled time, please be patient as the conference call will be silent until USDA officials join the line to release the crop update.

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