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  • U.S. Secretary of Ag Comments on NAFTA Renegotiations
    On August 16, renegotiation talks for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) started in Washington, D.C. Established in 1994, NAFTA is a free-trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico. Throughout his campaign, President Trump expressed his distaste for NAFTA and vowed to abolish it. Since being elected, he has changed his mind-set […]
  • Southeastern Tea Navigates Through Labor Challenges
    Tea is an extremely popular beverage in the United States and around the globe. However, the market for tea can go beyond just consumption. For example, tea can be used in beauty products and essential oils. Its market value continues to rise, making it an attractive specialty crop option for growers. The Southeast may be […]
  • UF Researcher Examines Nutrient Content in Soil
    Florida soil can be an issue for growing crops like tomatoes and peppers due to the sand content, but researchers are continuing to look at how compost can change that. University of Florida Associate Professor and Vegetable Specialist Monica Ozores-Hampton says the use of compost has been studied for over 20 years. Due to the […]

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  • Grower Response to Psyllid Insecticide Resistance
    Lee Jones was in the Citrus Expo seminar audience recently when a scientist reported there have been incidences of HLB-spreading psyllids being resistant to insecticides. Jones, general manager of Gardinier Florida Citrus, has one recommendation for dealing with the issue, at least partially. “I would really suggest that October to March window as an application […]
  • HLB-Spreading Psyllids Resistant to Insecticides
    Ears perked up in the Citrus Expo seminar hall last week when Lukasz Stelinski reported incidences of Asian citrus pysllid resistance to insecticides, “particularly the neonicotinoid group of insecticides in Florida.” The neonicotinoids have been a key weapon against the psyllids that have spread HLB to groves statewide. Stelinski, an entomologist with the University of […]
  • CRDF President on Bayer Partnership
    We first told you last week that the Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) and Bayer CropScience had announced a new partnership during Citrus Expo to fight citrus greening. Various solutions are being researched, like genetically improved trees. But CRDF President Tom Jerkins knows help is needed before those trees are ready. The post CRDF […]