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  • Grower Participation Needed for BMP Survey
    The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers at the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center would like to better understand best management practices (BMPs) used by area growers. BMPs are individual practices or combinations of practices that are effective at improving the quality of surface water and ground water. Growers provide […]
  • Fertigation Improves Potato Production
    By Guodong Liu Seepage irrigation has been the most commonly used irrigation method for potatoes since the crop was first grown in Florida in the late 1800s. This traditional irrigation method doesn’t require much investment by the grower. Seepage irrigation waters the crop from the bottom by raising the water table, but it lacks water-use […]
  • Pepper Weevil Woes
    Pepper weevil has been a problematic pest in Georgia peppers, and now it appears to be moving into other crops. David Riley, a professor of entomology at the University of Georgia, has been studying pepper weevil since he received his doctorate nearly 30 years ago, and he was shocked to see this pest spread to […]

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  • Homeowners to Receive Compensation After 17-Year Canker Battle
    A legal fight over citrus canker has finally come to a close after 17 years. Citrus canker, which reappeared in Florida in 1986, is a bacterial disease that can cause blemishes on the fruit, and in some cases, can cause fruit to drop prematurely. Canker is usually spread by the wind, making it difficult to […]
  • Nutrition and HLB
    University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) professor Kelly Morgan discusses the importance of nutrient leaf concentrations in HLB-infected citrus trees. “The leaf concentration (of nutrients) is reduced in all HLB trees,” he says. “We’ve known that for a long time, since HLB was found in Florida.” Morgan, who works at the […]
  • Miss Florida Citrus and Miss Winter Haven Crowned
    St. Patrick’s Day was lucky for two young women — Megan Price, of LaBelle, who was crowned the new 2018 Miss Florida Citrus and Morgan Boykin, of Thonotosassa, the new Miss Winter Haven. Both ladies were crowned at Theatre Winter Haven on March 17, 2018. Hosted by David Lang, of Regalia Magnificent Apparel, the Miss America […]