Peterson: House Ag Plans Farm Bill Mark-up Soon

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Ranking House Agriculture Committee Democrat Collin Peterson says the committee plans to mark up the farm bill on March 20th, but a revolt over food stamp provisions could stop the bill from moving forward. The Hagstrom Report says Peterson and Committee Chairman Mike Conaway had “hit an impasse” regarding the nutrition title, and a spokesperson for Conaway could not confirm …


No New Funds for a Farm Bill

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The House Agriculture Committee has released information concerning efforts to craft a farm bill, revealing closed door plans to roll out a new bill. Committee Chair, Mike Conaway, led the panel’s approval of its annual Budget Views and Estimates Letter to the House Budget Committee. And he says there are no new funds for a farm bill. No New Funds …


House Ag Democrat: No Farm Bill Better than Bad Farm Bill

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House Agriculture Committee Democrat Jim McGovern of Massachusetts says he would “rather have no farm bill this year than a lousy farm bill.” McGovern told the Hagstrom Report that he has not seen the House draft of the farm bill, but that he would work to defeat the bill if he does not like it, in hopes for a better …