Subscribe to AgNetOnline

One of the features of AgNetOnline is a web feed of all the items we post. This allows you to automatically receive our news on your computer!

You can subscribe to the web feed of this website by using a newsreader program. This functionality is being added to new web browsers and the customized home pages of most search engines like Google or Yahoo. We like NewsGator as one example of a great and simple tool to subscribe to web feeds like ours.

You’ll notice an icon in the right sidebar of our homepage that looks like this: Subscribe to our Web Feed RSS That is the link to the web feed address you’ll need to subscribe to with your newsreader program. What you do is copy that file into the appropriate subscription box in your newsreader program or into the appropriate box in your personalized search engine home page where it allows you to “add content.” Simply copy and paste that file which is: That’s it. You’re done. Then all you have to do is check your newsreader or search engine home page to get the latest updates from

Here’s a resource page you can check for additional instructions/ideas.