Peanut Touring Truck Plans

Randall Weiseman Peanuts

Tyron Spearman has information about new plans for the Peanut Touring Truck.  Report (:36 wma)

Cotton and Peanuts Lower

Randall Weiseman Cotton, Peanuts

USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service has lowered the forecast for the cotton and peanut crops this year. Report (1:30 wma) USDA NASS

September Peanut Crop Forecast

Randall Weiseman Peanuts

The September Peanut production  forecast was released this morning by USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service. Tyron Spearman has the numbers.  Report (1:00 wma) USDA NASS

Peanut Farmers Ask for Help

Randall Weiseman Peanuts

A group of peanut farmers has sent a letter to Washington. Tyron Spearman has this Report  (:35 wma)

Final ’05 Counter Cyclical Payments

Randall Weiseman Cotton, Field Crops, General, Peanuts

USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation is issuing final 2005-crop upland cotton, grain sorghum and peanut counter-cyclical payments. This is the earliest that producers will have received final counter-cyclical payments for these commodities. The final 2005-crop upland cotton counter-cyclical payment rate is 13.73 cents per pound, grain sorghum is $0.27 per bushel and peanuts is $104 per short ton. Report (1:00 wma)