AFBF Urges USDA to Address Supply Chain Issues

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The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) recently sent a letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack detailing a list of solutions to address critical supply chain issues facing America’s farmers and ranchers.

AFBF detailed seven priorities for USDA to consider in response to President Joe Biden’s Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains. Recommendations they ask USDA to consider action on include: 

  • Livestock markets and processing capacity: AFBF supports USDA’s commitments and efforts to bolster the role of small capacity meat packers in the supply chain.
  • Farm inputs: AFBF urges USDA to work with other agencies to ensure increased costs to farmers are considered in tariff rulings and scientific data is used during the pesticide registration process.
  • Transportation: They recommend that USDA and USDOT continue to coordinate to ensure agricultural haulers and the rest of the trucking industry have the flexibilities needed to provide timely delivery of essential products.
  • Labor: AFBF urges USDA to work across the federal government to streamline the application process and ensure timely arrivals of guest workers while ensuring personal protective equipment is readily available for farm workers.
  • Trade: They are asking USDA to consider the impacts of trade actions on agricultural exports and resolve outstanding issues with the U.S.-China Phase 1 Agreement.

AFBF notes they stand ready to work with USDA and the Biden administration on finding solutions to these pressing issues.

Click here to read AFBF’s letter to USDA.