summer squash

The Best Varieties of Squash to Grow in Your Garden

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Summer squash is great for sautéing, baking, raw, and throwing on the grill. Whether you want something small and sweet or large and robust, there’s a squash out there for you.

Cousa are sometimes referred to as Middle Eastern or Lebanese squash. This variety is blocky or squat in shape and great for stuffing, grilling, or stir-frying. It also makes tasty pickles.

Crookneck is a classic yellow squash with worts and all. It has a buttery flavor and a firm texture that stands up well on the grill. Tatume is a Mexico native that thrives in hot climates. It’s also one of the rare summer squash that can be harvested as winter squash or summer squash. These squat fruits look kind of like a small watermelon and should be plucked when they’re about the size of a baseball.

Patty pan, also called Sunburst, Button or pattypan squash, comes in orange, yellow, white, and green varieties. They’re small, round, and shallow, with scalloped edges straight neck squash has a straight neck, rather than curved. They have a mild flavor and a short growing season. 

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