U.S. Agricultural Export Development Council Chair Talks Farm Bill

Dan Farm Bill, Industry News Release

agriculturalThe importance of agricultural trade and its benefit to the overall American economy, that’s the message Greg Hanes will promote in 2018. Hanes was recently named chair of the U.S. Agricultural Export Development Council, a DC-based organization made up of commodity trade associations, farmer coops and more.

He says he plans to develop a united message to deliver to the USDA promoting programs that benefit ag exports, including MAP and FAS. Hanes says he’s stepping into this role at a key time, with the Farm Bill the focus of many discussions.


Hanes says he will push to get the Farm Bill passed next year. Not only will he look to protect key programs from cuts, but he also will look to boost funding.


Once again, Greg Hanes, USAEDC Chair.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.