Use a Whole Farm Management Program to Improve Efficiency

Dan Industry News Release, Technology

managementAgriEdge Excelsior® is a whole farm management program offered to Syngenta customers. Todd Hall is an AgriEdge® Specialist with Syngenta. He says the program is intended to help farmers run their operations more efficiently. A key component of this is its farm-management software.


Growers that enroll in AgriEdge Excelsior get access to an exclusive farm-management software called Land.db®. Hall talks about how it can benefit producers.


It also comes with an inventory management tool that helps producers organize inputs and keep track of costs. Cost analysis can be done at a farm level, a field level, or a crop zone. The software can create and export a variety of different reports for farmers. As farmers face low prices for their commodities, it’s more important than ever to be as efficient on farms as possible Hall says Land.db offers something for every producer.


Again, that’s Todd Hall, AgriEdge specialist with Syngenta. Learn more online at