Future Milk Prices Hinge on U.S. Dairy Exports

Dan Dairy, Industry News Release

milkThe world is hungry for protein—and U.S. dairy products are a leading choice for that protein. In the coming year, dairy exports will continue to play a critical role in helping U.S. dairymen achieve top prices for their milk.

U.S. dairy exports in 2017 are stronger than they were a year ago, and have been on an uphill climb over the past 12 months.

That has resulted in higher prices for exported dairy products to the tune of about $1.50 more.

The price outlook for 2018 hinges on international dairy markets, according to longtime dairy economist Bob Cropp of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


The European Union and New Zealand are the top one and two exporting countries for dairy products, cornering 30 and 28 percent of the world market, respectively.

Both countries have experienced low milk prices the past few years and decreased milk production—a scenario providing opportunity for U.S. dairy producers.


Overall, Cropp estimates that milk prices should stay steady moving into the new year, and he remains optimistic about the future for U.S. dairy producers.


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From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.