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Dan Agri View, Florida, Fruits

Blueberry and pomegranate half isolated on white background as package design element possibilitiesEverett Griner talks about the possibilities for Florida growers expanding in today’s Agri View.

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I mention Florida to anyone outside of the sunshine state and the average thought is beaches and winter vacations. Actually Florida is an agriculture state, more than just oranges. Florida has long challenged California in winter vegetable production. In recent years the acreage in blueberries has vastly expanded.

While many citrus growers continue to fight greening and half a dozen other diseases, there’s a lot of attention focused on pomegranates. It’s not a fruit that is foreign to Florida as it’s always been a choice for certain homeowners, just like in Georgia and North Carolina.

The focus, like I mentioned, is research. In other words groves of research. What people don’t realize is that the pomegranate is a very good health food. We could find a lot of anxious growers in groves.

That’s Agri View for Today. I’m Everett Griner.