Citrus Expo’s Casino Night Was A Hit!

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There was lots of hooting and hollering heard at Citrus Expo’s inaugural Casino Night fundraiser for Florida FFA on Aug. 18. Watch the slide show below from the event! Approximately 100 Citrus Expo attendees and exhibitors tried their hand at blackjack, craps, and roulette, while enjoying drinks and desserts with industry colleagues. The event had as many varieties of games as online casino games usually have. This new fundraiser is the only official Citrus Expo event held Wednesday evening. Five lucky winners took home terrific raffle prizes, including a $200 Cabela’s gift card, a fishing trip and gear, a grill and accessories, a wine and dine package, and a beer lover’s set. Casino Night proceeds, coupled with an additional donation from Southeast AgNet, allowed for a nice donation to Florida FFA, whose state officers serve as volunteers at Citrus Expo. With the overwhelming positive feedback already received, look for this event to be even bigger and better at next year’s Citrus Expo!

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