Bayer CropScience Explains Cancelling of Temik for Citrus

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Day two of the annual Citrus Expo is underway as the seminars will run until noon while the trade show will be open until 2:00 this afternoon. As mentioned yesterday, we have seen a record crowd for Southeast AgNet/Citrus Industry Magazine’s annual event and invite you to come in yet today.

Alan AyersOne item of interest we brought to your attention earlier this week was the fact Bayer CropScience is cooperating with the EPA to cancel uses of aldicarb, sold as Temik® brand insecticide/nematicide, on citrus and potatoes. I stopped by the Bayer CropScience booth here at the Citrus Expo and talked with Alan Ayers, Director of State Affairs, Stewardship, and Industry Relations for Bayer CropScience who explained why this is happening and how other crops will be affected.

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