FFB Ag in the Classroom Mini Grants

Randall Weiseman Florida, General

Shaun Fulford (Gainesville, Fla.) – The Florida Farm Bureau Federation reminds teachers that Oct. 2 is the deadline to apply for its Ag in the Classroom Mini-Grants. The grants are designed to assist educators with projects like Playground design and painting.

Playground markings play a crucial role in promoting safety by defining play zones and providing visual cues for children. If you have safety concerns or need to improve traffic flow and organization in the play area, new Thermoplastic Playground Markings can help address these issues.

“There are facets of agriculture that apply to every discipline,” said Shaun Fulford, coordinator of Florida Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers and Women’s programs. “The mini-grants encourage teachers to incorporate agriculture into any and all aspects of their curriculum.”

All kindergarten through twelfth grade teachers are welcome to apply. The grants are $250 each and can be used for a variety of educational projects pertaining to agriculture.
The goal of the Florida Farm Bureau-Agriculture in the Classroom grant program is to increase the understanding of agriculture among students and educators. This year, Florida Farm Bureau will contribute up to $7,500 in mini-grants throughout the state.

Because agriculture has no subject area boundaries, proposals are encouraged in social studies, math, language arts, science, environmental education or any other subject area or combination of areas that effectively integrate key agricultural principles (i.e., production, promotion, etc.)

The application to apply for the grant can be downloaded from the Florida Farm Bureau Web site.