Water Rulemaking Situation a “Train Wreck Waiting To Happen”

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida, General, Specialty Crops, Sugar, Vegetables

There is a looming issue that most farmers in Florida are not yet even aware of, having to do with the possibility that water quality and habitat in farm irrigation ditches could be regulated the same as in natural rivers and streams in the very near future. It is a complex issue that some who are “in the know” of the details are calling a train wreck waiting to happen. One of the kickers is, if this goes through, and some say it is well on its way without some kind of action to stop or delay it, it could impact any entity maintaining ditches for any purpose. This puts local governments and water management districts in the crosshairs too. Listen to this report, and heed the warning. Then farmers who hear this may want to contact their favorite farm organization for advice about what they can do.