Can Dogs Be Trained for Canker & Greening Detection?

Gary Cooper Citrus

 Pepe Peruyero, Founder and President of J&K Canine Academy with Brody, one of his bed bug sniffing associates Dogs have proven to be very effective in a number of industries for a number of purposes, including detection of hard to find bombs, cadavers, bee hives, snakes, termites, bedbugs, even some cancers in human beings. Research would be necessary to see if it can work for detection of crop diseases like canker or greening in citrus, but some citrus researchers and a well-known dog trainer are developing a project to learn more. Hear comments from Jose “Pepe” Peruyero of J&K Canine Academy in this report, and meet Pepe and his new sidekick “Juice” at Citrus Expo next week (This is NOT “Juice” in the photograph!). They will be stationed in the Southeast AgNet exhibit at Citrus Expo on Wednesday, August 22nd at Lee Civic Center. Growers should pre-register to be entered into a drawing for a gun safe donated by Everglades Farm Equipment.
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