Growing Better Broccoli May Involve Trial and Error

Dan Field Crops, This Land of Ours

Cathy Isom fills you in during todays This Land of Ours program how to grow better broccoli. Learning how to grow broccoli usually involves some trial and error.  Most gardeners spend several seasons learning how to grow it.  This is because garden broccoli has more precise cultural requirements compared to other vegetables. On every level – timing, soil fertility, spacing, …

Heat-Tolerant Broccoli for the Future

Dan Field Crops, Industry News Release, Vegetables

Traditionally, broccoli is a cool-weather crop. Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are looking to change that by developing new varieties that grow in warm temperatures. ARS plant geneticist Mark Farnham and his team in Charleston, South Carolina, have developed and characterized the genetic sources of broccoli’s heat tolerance. Theoretical and Applied Genetics published these results in March 2017. The team, led by ARS geneticist Sandra …