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The Status of Hurricane Relief Funding

Abbey Taylor Florida, Weather

Florida growers are still reeling from the impacts of Hurricane Irma, which hit the state back in September 2017. Florida citrus took the biggest hit, with an estimation of approximately $760 million in damages. Since Irma, growers have been anxiously waiting on disaster relief funding so they can begin to rebuild. During the recent Taste of Florida reception in Tallahassee, …

drought monitor

Drought Monitor has Concerns Shifting South

Dan Drought, Industry News Release

Last year, drought worries centered around the northern Plains and grazing conditions in the Dakotas and across Montana. Those areas remain dry, but the intensity has weakened, according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor. Moving into 2018, drought intensity and area is spreading, extending over the Southwest, southern Plains and Great Plains, according to the American Farm Bureau Market Intel …


Georgia Cold Weather Update from Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black

Dan Georgia, Industry News Release, Weather

“The cold weather this week, in addition to cooler temperatures throughout this winter season, have proven beneficial to many of our crops by providing much needed chill hours. In fact, peach and blueberry crops have received more chill hours this year than the last two years combined.  We must of course always be realistic in the fact that there is …


Florida Growers Reminded about FAWN Cold Protection Toolkit

Dan Florida, Weather

The recent cold snap is a good time to remind growers across Florida about the Florida Automated Weather Network’s (FAWN) Cold Protection Toolkit, which is designed to help you make decisions when using irrigation for cold protection. The toolkit basically provides a “step-by-step guide” to help with making decisions on cold nights. And many growers may be familiar with “My …


Agri View: Texas Storm Losses

Dan Agri View, Cattle, Cotton, Weather

Everett Griner talks about Texas storm losses in today’s Agri View.  It takes time to calculate total losses from where natural disasters strike. Like Hurricane Harvey which struck the Texas area and the Gulf coast back in September. Everett tells us some of the losses suffered by the cotton farmers, livestock farmers, including hay losses. Officials are still adding to …


Will Arctic Cold Wave Affect Florida Citrus?

Abbey Taylor Citrus, Weather

Florida is off to a cool start in 2018 as parts of the state anticipate freezing temperatures this week. Many crops underway at the moment may be impacted, including citrus. Gary Crawford has the story on the citrus side.