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Under 40 Horsepower Tractor Sales Increase

kubota-tractorThe Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) reports sales of under 40-horsepower tractors jumped 23 percent in October compared to last year, representing an eight percent increase for the year.


Breakfast Cost

breakfast eggsMost people don’t know it but eggs are one of the most consumed foods in the whole world. Most of us do know that egg farmers have had a hard year. The price of eggs has been going up since that outbreak of Avian Flu. Everett Griner talks about breakfast costing more in today’s Agri View.

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Reducing Food Waste

food wasteCathy Isom tells us how we can give thanks this holiday season by reducing the amount of food we waste.

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Turkey Costs Up Slightly

Garnished roasted turkeyHopefully many of you will be enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving Day meal, which according to American Farm Bureau, will cost about 70 cents more than last year.


Milk Processing Questions

raw milkOne of the most effective health aides ever developed is the pasteurization of raw milk. It has been around for almost a century, but there are still people that will not use it in their homes. Everett Griner talks about milk processing in today’s Agri View.

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Roast PorkCathy Isom tells us how people are giving back to others who give this holiday season, in the name of pork.

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Yes Thanksgiving. A time spent with our family and loved ones, gathered around a turkey and pumpkin pie at the dinner table. But it’s also the time of year known as Porksgiving – when anyone can choose their favorite Pork holiday recipe and share it with others across the country.
Pork Checkoff Director Pamela Johnson says there’s no better way to say thank you than with a home-cooked meal.
To learn more visit Pork Be Inspired-dot-com where you’ll find great pork recipes and inspiring stories about pork producers giving back to their communities.

Lower Farm Incomes Expected

Prospects for farm income this year are turning out to be a bit dimmer than had been predicted. The original forecast for income this year was $73.6 billion, then it dropped to 58.3 billion, and now it’s down to about $56 billion.


Plenty of Turkeys

free range turkeyWith the Thanksgiving season upon us, some people have been worried about the annual turkey feast wondering if there would be a shortage of turkeys. And according to USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, the simple answer is no.


Groups Voice Support for TPP

One issue that some are thinking about at Thanksgiving is trade, as a coalition of agriculture groups recently voiced support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership while meeting at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters Convention.


Plastic Farming

farming strawberry plants on plasticWhat is it that is helping farmers produce bigger and better crops and saving money on fertilizer and pesticides? It is also creating a huge environmental problem. Everett Griner talks about farm plastic in today’s Agri View.

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Turkey Dinner Price

Thanksgiving dinner tableCathy Isom fills us in on how much we’re paying for that Thanksgiving meal this year.

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Southeast AgNet This Week: More Support for Conservation Easements; Proposed Cottonseed Program

Southeast-AgNet-THIS-WEEK-Today’s issue of Southeast AgNet This Week includes information on  funds that are available for landowners wishing to protect various land types, as well as an interview about a proposed cottonseed program. Want to learn more? Click here to subscribe and view the current issue.

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