Increase Your Harvest Using Your Own Hands

Dan Pollinators, This Land of Ours

Todays This Land of Ours program Cathy Isom gives you a few tips about how to increase your harvest using your own hands. When our plants are having a little bit of trouble bearing fruit, even if the flowers bloom, it could be a sign that they need a little help from us in the form of hand pollination.  Many …

popular cooking oil

Popular Cooking Oil That Boasts Healthful Benefits

Dan Specialty Crops, This Land of Ours

On todays This Land of Ours program, Cathy Isom lets you know what a recent study is revealing about a popular cooking oil that boasts healthful benefits. Consumer demand is rising for all things avocado, including oil made from the fruit. Avocado oil is a great source of vitamins, minerals and the type of fats associated with reducing the risk …

summer squash

The Best Varieties of Squash to Grow in Your Garden

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Summer squash is great for sautéing, baking, raw, and throwing on the grill. Whether you want something small and sweet or large and robust, there’s a squash out there for you. Cousa are sometimes referred to as Middle Eastern or Lebanese squash. This variety is blocky or squat in shape and great for stuffing, grilling, or stir-frying. It also makes …

ramps - wild leeks

Growing Your Own Supply of Ramps

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Ramps – also known as wild leeks – are a cousin of onions, leeks, scallions and shallots. When you taste them you’ll realize why people love to forage for them. Ramps thrive in low mountain altitudes where there is rich, moist soil, from Georgia to Canada. But it is possible to grow your own ramp patch at home by building …

Eggshells and Coffee Grounds

How to Use Eggshells and Coffee Grounds as Compost

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

One of the best supplements for your garden’s health is compost.  While we may consider them to be trash, they provide a healthy snack for plants offering a one-two punch of nitrogen and calcium.  The duo of used coffee grounds and eggshells are also helpful as mulch, an asset that liquid or powdered commercial fertilizer can’t offer. Rinse your eggshells …

flower bed

The Basics for Building a Flower Bed

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

With a few basic steps, you can have more color, fragrance, and texture added to your landscape. First things first, where will it go? Along a deck or porch, underneath a tree, or around a garden feature. Then, how much sunlight will it get? Many popular bedding plants like annual flowers require full sun, which means a minimum of 6 …

Landscaping Ideas to Maximize Curb Appeal

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Make your front yard more welcoming while improving the value of your home. First, consider the design and architecture of your home when you’re creating gardens around it. For example, a cottage style landscape compliments a country or farmhouse look while a spare, minimalist garden would set off a more modern building. Next, proportions should come into play. If you …


Poisonous Plants in the Home

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Houseplants add color, beauty, and life to our homes, but some plants should be grown with a little extra caution. Some plants are more toxic than others. Poisonous houseplants can cause skin irritations, stomach upsets, and burning of the mouth and throat.  Use care when growing and displaying these common poisonous plants in your home. Many spring bulbs, including hyacinths and …


You Should Keep a Garden Journal

Jim Rogers This Land of Ours

Jotting down notes about the weather and keeping track of when your flowers bloom will help you enjoy your landscape more. When you start recording these botanical events, you’ll notice natural patterns from year to year. This info can help you choose plants and figure out when to time gardening chores, such as when to jump on those spring weeds. …